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Good Grief partners with schools and organizations to empower professionals to be grief educated. In collaboration with our curriculum, trainings, and other resources, customized coaching is provided to teachers and administrators looking to work through a challenge and opportunity.



The best time to start a conversation on death, loss, and grief is before it occurs in the school, business, organization, or community. Preventative care is the most effective way to equip children, teens, and adults with the tools and resources needed to face adversity, be resilient, develop healthy coping strategies, and create supportive environments.

Good Grief works with schools, nonprofits, corporations, and businesses to assess their culture, identify the needs that exist within that culture, prevent risks, and create supportive environments through preparedness training and coaching.

Through our workshops, resources, curriculum, and coaching we are equipping communities to be prepared.


Whether it is the death of a student, faculty member, or colleague, Good Grief provides support in the aftermath of a death in the community.

Through workshops, facilitated conversations, or coaching, Good Grief will empower you with the tools and resources needed to know how to respond to death and loss.


Perhaps your community is still feeling the effects of a loss or you want to be better prepared next time. We will work with you to provide training and resources that meet your needs. We will coach you through a difficult situation or a time of uncertainty. Even if it has been a while since a death occurred in your community, it’s not too late to get the educated and be prepared for the future.


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