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As we all cope with the changes in our lives responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the challenges many are feeling in this time of uncertainty and social isolation. We are here to help.

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Compassion. Support. Community.

People love to comment on our name. We chose it to remind everyone that grief serves a purpose and that even grief can be good when cared for in a supportive community. Good Grief is 100% free with the help of friends. At Good Grief, we teach resiliency and facilitate healthy coping in the lives of more than 900 children each month by providing a caring and understanding environment that is like no other. In addition to our free programs, we advocate for our families by educating their school districts, employers, and communities. Since 2007, Good Grief has expanded in order to fulfill our commitment to grieving children and families and meet the demand for our services in order to ensure that no child ever has to grieve alone.


The New York Life Foundation estimates that 1 of 7 Americans will lose a parent or sibling before the age of 25. Good Grief believes that there are approximately 280,000 grieving children under the age of 18 in New Jersey

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Teaching Resilience

We help children and families meet the world on their own terms. Our comprehensive program goals and corresponding activities, parent education workshops, interactive homes, and the sharing of memories and life experiences all foster a child’s learning and resiliency. 91% of 2,013 participants sampled from 2011 to 2018 say Good Grief has been beneficial in the face of loss.

Healthy Coping

Adapting to life after a loved one dies is a hard transition, leaving kids vulnerable. They have the option to make choices with positive outcomes and choices with harmful outcomes. At Good Grief, children, teens, and families learn from each other as they adapt, rebuild their lives, forge meaning, and make healthy decisions with positive outcomes.

Building Community

It takes a village! Good Grief is a community filled with people who understand the hurt death causes and the courage it takes to balance both joy and grief. We learn from and support each other, we grow, we find our way forward, and our families do so with their Good Grief friends. Thanks to this community kids do not have to grieve alone.


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Where You Can Find Us

Morristown, NJ

Princeton, NJ

Where You Can Find Us

Morristown, NJ

Princeton, NJ