Routes to Resilience


Our Routes to Resilience Program is designed to meet these goals:

Increase educator competency and confidence to support grieving students
Reduce student social isolation and withdrawal
Increase student self-help seeking and self-advocacy behaviors
Improve student coping and other adaptive behaviors
Enhance student empathy and connectedness among peers

We empower students to navigate through loss and adversity:

93% of students reported an increased understanding of how to be resilient.
95% of students reported increased understanding of the impact of loss and adversity on health and wellbeing.
93% of students reported increased understanding of how to identify and express emotions to others.
95% of students reported increased understanding of healthy coping strategies through adverse experiences.
  • "The Routes to Resilience program helps support our students to become more resilient in their lives, cope with stress, and make good decisions. Good Grief has been flexible with us in terms of shaping the curriculum to our school's needs, being responsive to our questions and helping us trouble shoot along the way. Our counselors report that that they have never had a better professional development opportunity than working with Good Grief."

    – Director of Counseling, Hopewell Valley Regional School District

  • "It was an amazing experience. The training was to the point and the information was easy to understand. This has given me confidence in delivering this program to my students."

    – School Social Worker

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