Grief Support Groups


Our Grief Support Groups are designed to meet these goals:

Increase educator competency and confidence to support grieving students
Reduce student social isolation and withdrawal
Increase student self-help seeking and self-advocacy behaviors
Improve student coping and other adaptive behaviors
Enhance student empathy and connectedness among peers

We transform classrooms into grief-informed spaces where students thrive:

93% of students reported learning words to describe their grief feelings
90% reported learning strategies to take care of themselves
86% reported learning ways to seek support for themselves
93% reported learning how to be more empathic to others facing loss
95% of educators trained would recommend the program to their students
  • "The Grief Groups program provides us with training and tools for school social workers and clinical staff. The training has equipped us with practical tools to run grief groups during school hours. It has also provided our team with the resources to be able to effectively lead grief groups in a virtual setting. This has been incredibly helpful given all of the loss and grief our students continue to experience."

    – Administrator, KIPP New Jersey Charter Schools

  • "Thank you so much for this wonderful training! Discussing death and dying with children is not always the most comfortable conversation. The information you shared helped me feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of facilitating a group in the near future!"

    – School Social Worker

  • "Good Grief did an amazing job explaining the importance of allowing the students to grieve at their own pace."

    – School Social Worker

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