Good Grief Families and Friends Raise $116,093 for Hope

Malena Attar Press

Madison, NJ – Good Grief mom participant, Rebecca Finnerty, is glowing as she is surrounded by 27 members of her team, “Team JFINS,” at Good Grief’s 4th Annual 5K Run and Walk for Hope on Sunday, June 4th. Last July Rebecca’s son, Justin, died leaving behind a 15-year-old brother, a 7-year-old sister, and his two parents. “Broken-hearted and souls-shattered, our world changed forever.” said Rebecca. “Finding the will to continue and processing a loss so life-altering is not something done alone. We have been very vocal about what Good Grief has done for Chloe, Carson, my husband Steven, and myself, and understanding that, our family‘s best friends have come today to support us,”

Rebecca continued, “We are running because Good Grief has been essential for us in helping the kids feel like they’re not alone in this. Our 7-year-old has made many friends and it’s the one place our 15-year-old looks forward to going to. My heart can’t quantify the gratitude I have for the role Good Grief has played our family’s journey through grief.”

The Good Grief 5K Run and Walk For Hope is an annual event that brings together runners, walkers, and teams from local businesses, civic groups, schools, and families for a 5K and 2-mile walk through the beautiful Giralda Farms complex in Madison, NJ. The event gives the community an opportunity to support friends and family who have lost loved ones, while giving individuals the space and time to honor loved ones who have died.

The community came out to raise $116,093 to help New Jersey’s families coping with the loss of a brother, sister, mother, or father. Kristine Johnson, CBS 2 New York news anchor, lead the opening ceremony, “I am honored to be here with all of you today. When I learned about Good Grief it was something I immediately wanted to get involved with. It’s a special organization helping people when they’re at the lowest points in their lives. It’s because of your support here today, and your continued support that makes this all possible.” Kristine called up the first of five Good Grief children speakers, 7-year-old Chloe Finnerty, “I love Good Grief because it helps me get over the grief of losing my brother,” Chloe bravely said in front of over 1,000 event participants.

According to statistics provided by the New York Life Foundation, 1 in 7 Americans will lose a parent or sibling before age 20. Events like Good Grief’s 5K Run and Walk for Hope build awareness and raise money to provide unlimited and free support to grieving families in New Jersey through peer support programs, education, and advocacy.

As the runners and walkers lined up for the start of the race, many teams like Rebecca’s were seen grouped together. “This event represents another year of hope for each family that comes into our doors and for our community as a whole,” Good Grief CEO, Joe Primo said as he sent participants off to run and walk towards a more compassionate and supportive community.

Team JFINS at Good Grief’s 5K Run and Walk for Hope


Good Grief is respected as a national leader in delivering grief services to children and their families. It is the leading provider of these services in New Jersey, serving over 1,000 children since its founding in 2004. Good Grief is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to provide unlimited free support to children, teens and families after the death of a parent or sibling. Servicing more than 150 communities, we operate programs in Morristown and Princeton. For more information about Good Grief, please visit our web site

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