Life Changing Volunteer Opportunity at Good Grief

Malena Attar Press

(Morristown, New Jersey) – Becoming a Good Grief Facilitator is an engaging and transformative volunteer experience like no other. “The facilitator training was the most life changing training I’ve ever taken. It gave me a new view of everything, and this is coming from someone with an open mind about death. I walked away, with an attitude change, with a different perspective on both life and death. I’m so excited to get started,” said a Good Grief facilitator. 100% of the 300 facilitators trained “highly recommend” the training to others who are looking for a meaningful volunteer experience.

Good Grief’s volunteer facilitators make a meaningful difference for grieving families after the death of a loved one by creating a safe and empathic environment to help them develop resiliency and healthy coping skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Through compassion, support, and community, Good Grief’s programs provide a unique opportunity for families to find a sense of belonging and understanding after loss.

Join Good Grief in shifting the cultural climate around death and grief, and fostering wellbeing in the lives of grieving children and their families. The next Facilitator Training will be held October 7-10, 2016.

To learn more about Good Grief and the training, visit or email