Funerals in a Pandemic: Navigating a New Normal

Funerals in a Pandemic: Navigating a New Normal

Melissa Parrish COVID-19 Updates

Dear Community,

As the news headlines remind us daily, COVID-19 is changing our lives in profound ways. The pandemic has forced the postponement or cancellation of treasured celebrations, ceremonies and rituals like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings which connect us as human beings.

It is also impacting how we honor and remember people when they die. 

Funerals plays a critical role in our lives. Funerals help children and adults adjust to a new normal without a loved one and they support our grief and mourning. Funerals are rituals that we as humans need.

With that in mind, Good Grief has released “Funerals in the Time of a Pandemic” to create public awareness and understanding of the importance of memorializing family and friends. The 10-part podcast series and accompanying resource book provides tools for individuals and families to create meaningful rituals at home while COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

This idea behind this podcast series is to give people a new way to think about the funeral ritual at an unprecedented time when we cannot gather as a community to attend a funeral. The goal is to empower people on a personal level to create a funeral ritual to honor and remember someone important to them.

The resources include reflective questions, information on grief and mourning, activities for adults and children, and tips for talking to kids during this pandemic.

Please help us by sharing these resources with those who need them now and in the future!

In Community,

Joe Primo | Good Grief CEO