Sam’s Story

Malena Attar Testimonials

When the doctors let my father know he had a week left to live, he was paralyzed in disbelief. He was not afraid to die; he was afraid to leave me. His unrelenting faith and strength was all for me. All the pain, sickness, sadness, and loneliness he endured was for me. I never truly expressed my gratitude for his perseverance, but I hope he knows how much I admire him.

Throughout my father’s battle, one of our greatest struggles was communication. Neither my mother nor I were able to find considerate outlets to which we could voice our pain and fear. Rather than continuing to search for constructive resources, my mother and I supported each other, as it was clear the public was illiterate in the language of death. However, after my father passed we discovered Good Grief, a place in which the controversial language is spoken fluently. At Good Grief we are entitled to reflect on our regrets, express our concerns for the future, and most importantly discuss our feelings.

What makes Good Grief so unique isn’t just the supportive environment; it is also their effort to guide children towards their own cultivation of emotional integrity, imparting values that allow them to grieve and develop their understanding of themselves and the people around them. Empathy is boundless at Good Grief, everyone genuinely cares for one another, and we all feel the intensity of each other’s vulnerabilities.

When my father died, the first thought that came to mind was how time stood still for me. My whole life had just changed in an instant, but the world continued to turn for everyone else. I decided I wanted to intern at Good Grief for the purpose of making it easier for the world to continue to turn for those who have been paralyzed with grief.

I wish everyone could be exposed to Good Grief, as the care demonstrated within this unique community is truly inspiring.

I would like to thank you for contributing to this organization, and for allowing hundreds of grieving families to have a truly essential resource; it has made our community much stronger.

Your support to makes Good Grief's programs possible and free-of-charge to our families. Make a gift today so that every family has this “essential resource” tomorrow and for decades to come. On behalf of Sam and all the kids at Good Grief, thank you!

Sam with fellow Good Grief Kids: All counselors for Grief Expressions Summer Camp!