How We Help Grieving Children & Families- The Yang Story

How We Help Grieving Children & Families- The Yang Story

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Join us on June 7th for Good Grief’s virtual 5K to celebrate the courage of grieving kids and honor their loved ones who have died. 

Register or make a gift today! Your support is critical to supporting the Yang family and hundreds of other children and families who need Good Grief more than ever.  


“Three years ago, my husband passed away leaving me and my two sons, Yuming (now 11-years-old), and Yuchen (now 9-years-old). We joined Good Grief three months later, and we have learned and grown so much.

For 3 years, Yuming, Yuchen, and I have participated in Good Grief’s 5K Run and Walk for Hope. It’s a part of our life now, we look forward to it every year. It has become a meaningful way to remember my husband.

When COVID-19 hit, I learned that a lot of our family and friends in China lost family members. Then the pandemic came to America and my children and I learned of many friends who lost family members in our community. Through hearing those stories, we realized that Good Grief is needed now more than ever to help grieving families. It is a very special time to do this year’s virtual 5K Run and Walk for Hope, Steps to Resilience.

Through Steps to Resilience, I have been able to channel Yuming and Yuchen’s competitive nature to do good for others. They love to compete to see who can raise more money for Good Grief! Through fundraising, they are seeing their power.

Steps to Resilience brings us together as a family. By fundraising and reaching our steps goals together, we are building ourselves up to be even stronger; we are becoming more resilient.”

– Xia
Good Grief Mom

Xia, Yuming, and Yuchen’s team, Semper Fidelis, has raised $4,913!