The Best Tips for Practicing Gratitude and Building Resilience

How to Practice Gratitude This Holiday Season

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The Best Tips for Practicing Gratitude and Building Resilience

The holiday season is just around the corner. It’s a time of year when many people feel the stress of overloaded schedules, competing priorities, and the weight of family expectations. One way to manage through these challenging times is to choose and practice gratitude.

Practicing Gratitude is a Great Way to Build Resilience

Research shows the many benefits of taking time out to slow down, reflect, and be grateful. They include improving mental health, bringing us closer to the ones we love, and building overall resilience. When you set your mind on the present, you’re helping to build resilience. Looking after your mental health not only builds strength but prepares you for whatever is ahead.

Here are the best tips on how to practice gratitude and build resilience this holiday season.

1. Create a Positive Morning Routine

A sustainable morning routine is an important part of anyone’s day. Start your morning with a positive motto to really set the tone for the day. Remind yourself that you are on the right track. Use positive affirmations and adopt a mantra to carry you throughout the day. Lastly, it’s helpful to set a time to reflect on your daily activities and how to improve upon them.

2. Write a 14-Day Gratitude Journal

Another way to practicing gratitude is by starting a 14-day gratitude journal. This activity is more than just a creative commitment. Beginning this will help you monitor your growth and really assess you own mental wellbeing. Writing is a great way to find answers about yourself, so journaling about gratitude can help in discovering your inner strength.

3. Have Open Dialogues with Loved Ones

Something we encourage is to have open dialogues and conversations with loved ones. These honest conversations can transcend grief and leave lasting impacts. Resilience comes from confidence, and gratitude can help solidify that self-confidence.

How to Practice Gratitude this Holiday Season [5 Ways]

There are so many ways to experience and teach gratitude this holiday season. If you’re in need of ideas on how to practice gratitude this holiday season, the following activities could be right for you. Practice gratitude by:

  • Establish a workout routine that is consistent and healthy
  • Be open with children about how the holiday season as an important time to focus on destressing
  • Reconnect with old friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate the holidays together
  • Begin a 14-day gratitude journal to keep track of your growth and encourage others to participate as well
  • Donate to a family in need or to a local food shelter

How Good Grief Can Help During the Holidays

For more help with building resilience and practicing gratitude throughout the holiday season, consider joining a Good Grief peer support program. A peer support group pairs children of similar ages to safely share their feelings, memories, and stories. It helps to build resilience in grieving children by teaching them how to grow and learn from their loss. To learn more, contact Good Grief online.