Resources for Resilient Parenting: Cultivating Emotion Regulation

Melissa Parrish COVID-19 Updates

Parents play a critical role in modeling healthy behaviors for children as they grow and develop. Among the most important areas where a parent can support a child’s development is teaching a child how to effectively manage and respond to the variety of negative and positive emotions they experience. This applies not only in times of stress and uncertainty like we are experiencing during the COVID-19 but also in our normal everyday lives.

The ability to regulate one’s fluctuating emotions is an essential life skill all individuals need to develop to thrive in school, work, relationships, and life. Helping children develop healthy emotion regulation strategies will enable them to navigate through challenging and adverse situations throughout their lives.

As part of our continuing effort to help parents better take care of their families and themselves in this unprecedented time, Good Grief has released a new webinar and tip sheet on resilient parenting and emotion regulation.

Cultivating Emotion Regulation reviews strategies for teaching emotion regulation and provides practical steps for helping children build the skills that will empower them to self-regulate in difficult situations. These skills take patience, practice, and dedication to build up in our children, but they result in happier, healthier, and more resilient humans who can thrive through adversity.

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