Volunteer Opportunities in NJ to Help Make a Difference

Volunteer Opportunities in NJ to Help Make a Difference

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Volunteer Opportunities in NJ with the Leading Child Grief Organization

At Good Grief, we are dedicated to serving children experiencing grief, supporting them, and providing them with the necessary resources to help them grow from loss and adversity. When you offer your time as a volunteer, you will be helping children and families feel heard, supported, and valued.

Keep reading to learn more about Good Grief’s volunteer opportunities in NJ.

About Good Grief

Good Grief has been building resilience in grieving children since 2004. From the beginning, we have offered unlimited, free support and a welcoming community to children and families dealing with the loss of a loved one. The foundation of our work is the understanding that grief is a universal human experience that serves a purpose. It helps us rebuild our lives, forge a new identity, and adapt after tragedy.

Our peer support programs equip children and families with coping skills to face grief and other adversity from the start and provide them tools they can use for the remainder of their lives. We work to reduce isolation, teach resilience, and create a safe and caring environment for children and families to develop a sense of possibility and hopefulness for the future.

Why Should You Volunteer at a Child Grief Organization?

Grief is not linear; it is cyclical and affects children emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically. At Good Grief, we offer coping strategies and a community-based support system. Our volunteers are the heart of that support system!

Our more than 300 volunteers come from all walks of life and represent a diverse group of ages, cultures, socio-economic status, personal and professional backgrounds, and grief experience. No prior experience is necessary, only a desire to support Good Grief’s mission to help children and families navigate their grief.

Good Grief’s community service opportunities in NJ are a meaningful and life-changing experience that will leave you fulfilled and rewarded as you share your time and talent and change lives in the process. So, consider becoming a volunteer at Good Grief.

Explore Volunteer Opportunities with Us

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to tour one of our Family Support Centers in Morristown or Princeton, NJ. Our tours will give you an understanding of the unique setting where we serve children and families and the volunteer experience.

Volunteer facilitators receive rigorous training on grief and loss. Our 36-hour training program is an engaging experience that helps you develop skills and build confidence as a facilitator. Our training also includes an annual continuing education program to further your learning.

Take the next step today to join our Good Grief community by registering for a tour. Tours are approximately 75 minutes and are a great opportunity to learn, ask questions, and meet our staff. To sign up, visit our calendar at good-grief.org/events.