What Do We Tell the Children?

Melissa Parrish COVID-19 Updates

This is a time of uncertainty, fear, grief and anxiety for children everywhere. Who better to help than Good Grief? As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads globally, many children are worried that they or the people they love will die. Yet as our children have questions and look for answers on tough subjects like death and dying, many parents feel ill-equipped to have these conversations. In some ways, our discomfort is a symptom of a culture where we tend to avoid or distance ourselves from tough conversations about life’s adversities. 

To help parents build a foundation and prepare these conversations, Good Grief has released two new webinars:

Building Resilience in Children During a Pandemic provides an overview of the essential ingredients to building resilience in children to face not only the current pandemic but also other adversity that may arise throughout their lives. The webinar is accompanied by a Tip Sheet for helping children feel safe to share their fears and ask big questions.

Talking About Death During a Pandemic addresses the key elements for parents in having conversations with your children about COVID-19 and death. The purpose of the webinar is to empower parents to feel comfortable and equipped to talk about death and COVID-19 freely.

The pandemic is an unprecedented time. Helping children build resilience and talk about death is not. Good Grief is here to help!

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