What is a Peer Support Program for Grief?

What is a Peer Support Program for Grief?

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Explaining a Peer Support Program

Here at Good Grief, we provide support for children, teens, and young adults who have lost loved ones. Our programming is based on a community-based peer support model. Research shows that most children who have experienced the death of an important person in their life greatly benefit from peer support.

Good Grief’s peer support model consists of bringing people together in age-appropriate groups where they participate in activities to promote discussion, learning and exploration. Our groups create a safe environment for children and families to remember and share their grief story and develop a sense of possibility and hopefulness for the future.

The Benefits of a Good Grief Peer Support Group

Peer support programs like Good Grief’s are widely accepted as the most effective way to promote post-traumatic growth and reduce the stress associated with grief and loss. Good Grief has more than seven years of data demonstrating our ability to promote safe and supportive environments for grieving children and families.

Our peer to peer support program address the needs of whole child by breaking down isolation and stigma, equipping families with coping strategies and communications skills and promoting good mental and physical health. We help children and families face their grief from the start and provide tools they can use for the remainder of their lives.

What to Expect at a Good Grief Peer Support Group

Our “Nights of Support” peer support programs are held on weekday evenings at our Family Support Centers in Morristown and Princeton, NJ.

Children, teens, and adults meet in their respective groups to participate in an age-appropriate activity led by our trained volunteer facilitators. Each group is different and has its own unique identity but generally our younger groups spend more time expressing themselves through activities and play while older groups engage more in conversations.

Our centers have theater, music, hospital, arts and crafts, volcano, and other themed rooms for expression and play. The adult groups engage in conversation about various relevant topics ranging from their grief, coping strategies, parenting, dating, and ongoing survival skills.

Let Good Grief Help with Your Grief

If you or someone you know want to learn more about our grief support programs, we are here to answer any questions you may have. To learn more, contact us online. We are here to help!