What is Social Emotional Learning and Why Does It Matter?

What is Social Emotional Learning and Why Does It Matter?

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The Basics of Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

What is social emotional learning (SEL)? SEL is a proven approach to teaching students how to identify and process emotions, build relationships, and develop empathy for others. This is crucial for children in developmental years, especially when experiencing loss and adversity. SEL helps students build resilience and creates a safe and positive learning environment in the classroom.

Why is Social Emotional Learning Important?

Social and emotional skills help children to:

  • Understand and manage emotions
  • Have self-management social awareness
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Feel and show empathy for others
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationships
  • Showcase responsible decision making

When children start to pick up SEL skills, their behavior will transcend the classroom and into their school, community, and home life. Research also shows SEL improves school attendance, participation, and academic performance.

How Does Social Emotional Learning Work in the Classroom?

It is not enough to teach children SEL but provide a space to practice these skills in various role-playing situations. Further, teachers should apply these techniques to any conflict within the classroom or between students.

How Can SEL Help a Grieving Child?

There are two essential lessons from SEL that can help a grieving child. The first focuses on the child experiencing a loss by teaching them to understand and process their emotions. The second teaches other children (and adults) how to feel and show empathy towards another child facing a loss.

School Grief Programs

Good Grief, a nonprofit for grieving children, offers school-oriented programs to help during a time of loss and adversity.

  • Routes to Resilience, Good Grief’s SEL curriculum, prepares K-12 students to navigate adversity and loss in their daily lives.
  • Good Grief’s grief support groups support K-12 students who have experienced the death of an important person in their life through small support peer support groups held at school.
  • Good Grief’s grief training helps educators develop the skills and techniques to support students who are grieving.
  • Good Grief’s parent education program is available for all parents and caregivers to empower resilient parenting.

Building a Safe Classroom Through Good Grief Schools

The Good Grief Schools community-based program focuses on teacher resilience, healthy coping, and building community with social and emotional learning at the heart of it all. This program creates safe, open, and supportive environments where students grow from loss and adversity. To learn more about what we do, contact us online.