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Through educational training, Good Grief provides methodologies for building more resilient social ecologies that are better equipped to face death, grief, and adversity.

Signature Series Workshops

Good Grief offers four Signature Series workshops that highlight four key themes and topics on death, grief, and childhood bereavement covered by the organization and its work. Good Grief is able to cater the workshop content and length around these four themes to fit your needs.

Grief 101


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The amount of time Good Grief spends with your organization will shift goals and outcomes:

1-2 Hour Workshop: Awareness
In a 1-2-hour workshop, we will raise awareness around key themes and how they relate to your workplace.

Half-Day Workshop: Strategies
In a half day workshop, we will raise awareness and expose trainees to strategies for shifting practices in your workplace.

Full-Day Workshop: Skill-Building
In a full day workshop, we will present core competencies and build skills in trainees that they can take back to the workplace.

“Very thorough presentation. I learned a lot about the importance of empathic listening: although I have been trained and use this technique, Good Grief exposed me to new concepts and strengthened my understanding. I learned that just being with people in their grief is okay. If anything, it was too short. Thank you for the powerful work you do.”

– Participant of Signature Series workshop

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Understanding Grief & Loss:
Professional Development

Train at the good grief center

Earn CE Credits

Learn & Network With Peers

Good Grief offers a variety of in-house educational training opportunities, including professional development created specifically for those working with children and teens in schools, nonprofits, and clinical settings. Our Understanding Grief & Loss series of workshops offer the opportunity to come to one of our two centers, earn continuing education credits, and engage in a didactic group learning experience alongside other professionals.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019 – Morristown

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 – Princeton


“The tone of the workshop was perfect. I felt very welcomed and encouraged to participate, ask questions, and actively learn. I came back to school today and one of the first students to come to my office is one of the students in my grief group. I would definitely recommend the workshop to any counselor, teacher or individual who works with kids.

– Participant of Understanding Grief & Loss workshop



Grief in the Workplace

Good Grief works with corporations and businesses to assess their culture, identify the needs of grieving employees within that culture, prevent risks and absenteeism, and sustain productivity through preparedness and coaching.

“I have long believed that people need to feel supported and understood at work. I now know that this is even more important after tragedy. And sadly, it‘s far less common than it should be. After the death of a loved one, only 60 percent of private sector workers get paid time off—and usually just a few days. When they return to work, grief can interfere with their job performance.”

– Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

$226 Billion

Is lost in productivity due to 
health-related issues every year.

$75 Billion

Is lost annually due to grief.


Grief in the workplace can be expected. Whether the death of a parent, sibling, colleague, friend, spouse or child, grief happens inside and outside of the workplace. Grief is uncontrollable and an often consuming distraction. In order to understand the nature of grief and prevent its effects on productivity, comprehensive policies and a grief-informed culture needs to be established. Effectively decreases grief-related costs requires preparedness. A reactionary response will be insufficient.


Understanding and creating preventative practices to support grief in the workplace are the foundation to decreasing grief-related expenses. As situations unfold and challenges present themselves, coaching helps a manager or team better understand the situation from the grief perspective, while also presenting alternative solutions to supporting the bereaved and the team during this time of adversity.


The impact of grief in the workplace is remediated by creating a grief-informed culture, best practices, and effective communication strategies across teams and the institution. The creation of these practices requires the expertise of professionals who understand the dynamics, unpredictability, and diversity of grief. Similarly, understanding the needs of the bereaved is the best way to be supportive and establish preventative strategies.

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We will tailor our workshops to meet your needs. If you are interested in having us address a topic outside of what is listed above, contact us and we will be happy to accommodate. Here are some examples of custom workshops we’ve developed for organizations in the past.

A broader conversation

A broader conversation on grief and loss: We have worked with numerous organizations to develop an interactive and meaningful workshop.

& Faith

Training for spiritual caregivers and faith organizations: Providing training that works in concert with existing training.

peer support

An introduction to community-based peer support: Teaching a course on death and grief and want to expose your students to a community-based peer support model? We will provide an engaging presentation to fit your needs.

training for
grief centers

We have worked with other grief centers to provide a variety of trainings, coaching, and consultations that meet organizational needs.

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